A little at a time things get planted, and all of a sudden you realize the garden’s filling up. Spinach, lettuce, peas, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes…now it’s time for the final lull. Just waiting till it seems safe to put in the warm weather crops. Probably at least another week here.

But we need to keep busy hands, because you know what they say about idle ones. I’m in no mood for more screw ups this year, so I sprouted some English cucumber seed that I’m trying for the first time; Telegraph, an open pollinated variety that I may or may not save seed from.


Unfortunately I’ll be growing two varieties of cucumber, and if you’re saving seeds, individual blossoms have to be isolated to prevent cross-pollination. That can be done with small fabric bags on marked flowers, or whole plants can be covered. I’ll probably give it a shot just because.

Luckily idle hands aren’t that much of an issue in Spring. There are always chores like mowing to be done. I could collect more grass clippings than I could possibly use if I were a masochist. But a few seems like a good compromise. Some for the chickies, some for mulch and some for the compost.

Together with my first clean out of the coop shavings, I’m loving what the pile looks like.  Leaves, coffee grounds, manured wood shaving, grass clippings and kitchen scraps.  Yum.



7 thoughts on “lull

  1. Definitely too many spring chores to allow for idle hands. Add homeschool and five kids and I have enough to keep me busy for several lifetimes, which means I should be staying out of trouble, :). Your compost is looking good.

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