the contraption

A few months back, in the sleepy days of late winter, I made a contraption that would be draped with netting and used to protect crops from thieving rabbits, deer or groundhogs.  It was made of PVC pipe, and was sitting in the barn disassembled until yesterday.

With the indoor-sprouted sweet corn ready to plant, it was time to drag the beast out and put it back together.

This is not an elegant invention. It’s too big and wobbly to move easily in one piece, and as it sits now might not deter a determined robber.  The thing is bought and made though, so it will get used.

The one aspect of this project that gives me some confidence that it’ll be effective is that the netting isn’t permanently attached. I can barely walk past it without getting trapped in the grabbing net. If an animal would happen to make its way inside, it would be like a fly on flypaper, with the netting grabbing its thieving little legs and wrapping it right up.

Of course I could have just thrown netting over the corn like I’ve done in years past.  But that would have been too simple and cheap.


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