planting by natural signs

Maybe there’s a load of truth to these old wives tale-type nuggets, maybe not. It makes sense to me that nature can clue in an observant person about what’s going on with soil temperature and weather trends. But read these with an open/skeptical frame of mind:

  • Tomatoes can be set out when lily-of-the-valley is in full bloom.
  • When the flowering dogwood is in peak bloom it is time to plant tomatoes, early corn and peppers. Another is to plant tomatoes and peppers when daylilies start to bloom.
  • When you see new growth on green ash, grapes and bur oaks it is safe to plant tender vines, annuals and perennials
  • Plant peppers and eggplant outside when bearded iris is in bloom.
  • When black locust and Vanhoutte spirea are blooming, plant cold tender seedlings of: zinnia, marigolds, tomatoes, and peppers
  • When the daffodils begin to bloom it is time to plant peas.
  • Plant corn when oak leaves are the size of a squirrel’s ear.
  • When the blossoms of the apple tree begin to fall, plant your corn seeds.
  • When the common lilac plant has leafed out, plant lettuce, peas and other cool weather varieties. When its flowers are in full bloom plant beans and squash. When its flowers have faded plant cucumbers and squash

At any rate, the lilacs are blooming along with some of the lily of the valley, so I took the plunge and planted my main tomato crop yesterday. It’s not a total leap of faith. I have small hoop house to cover them if need be, and backup plants if…don’t even think it.

IMG_4682 IMG_4681

And finally, a random picture of our burning brush pile, just because fire is cool…


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