little pleasures

I’m not 100% sure why, but the spinach crop that I planted last fall is the biggest, healthiest crop of spinach that I’ve ever had. It could just be favorable weather this spring, or maybe the compost added before planting? Or maybe, just maybe I’m a total genius gardener. Mm, is it genius to plant seeds and then just let them grow?

Like my Dad used to say, “Self-brag stinks.”  I love that.


It surprises me daily how much I enjoy those goofy chickens. I’m glad you helped talk me into it.  They don’t even lay eggs yet.  I expected to have them, feed them, water them, and then enjoy the eggs.   But I find myself watching them as they do what they do many times a day, and it’s awesome. They’re starting to lose their shyness. I walk out there three or four times a day with scraps from the kitchen or the garden and make idiot noises, and they perk up and walk in my direction. Little pleasures are the best.



8 thoughts on “little pleasures

  1. Chickens are funny. All I have to do is head towards my coop and say “chickies” in a high pitched voice and mine will come running from whatever part of the homestead they are at. Very amusing animals, as are baby sheep. Maybe you need sheep now as well, 🙂


  2. That spinach is beautiful. I hope mine gets big enough for at least one batch of saag before the squash displaces it.

    Chickens are wonderful. We don’t have any but two neighbors do so when I sit on the deck I can watch them scratching along the fence row talking amongst themselves. It’s oddly soothing.


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