white knuckle sandwich

Four days of white knuckles coming up, with lows in the upper 30s and 40s. I’m still somewhat hopeful that good cover will give the tomato seedlings an extra 10 degrees at night, and the daytime highs look pretty reasonable. However it turns out, the garden gets more decorations for a few days.


On a different matter, my first onions from seed. Some were started indoors in January, the rest in February. I planted most of them out about a month ago.

And here’s the odd thing, something contrary to what I expected. The onions that I didn’t plant, the ones left in their pots, are bigger and healthier than those that have been in the ground for a month.

IMG_4697 IMG_4696

You can’t really judge from the photos, but the potted onions are maybe a third larger. That doesn’t make much sense since the potted onions are crowded together, 20 to a container.

The only explanation that makes sense to me is that onion seedlings are much more sensitive to cool weather than their onion set counterparts.

So maybe I need to A) start the seeds still earlier, B) wait longer to plant them out, or C) both. But I love experiments that yield results that I don’t expect.


9 thoughts on “white knuckle sandwich

  1. Hey Dan .. I have had that happen to me often with seedlings. Those left in overcrowded environs with little TLC often far outshine those planted out. I think it may be quite simply that many plants aren’t big on being transplanted .. they don’t like their roots being tampered with (can’t blame them there). Eventually those in the dirt get cracking! 😀

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