still kicking

The first two of four very cool nights is over. The prize of the garden, my tomato seedlings, are still with me, and so far no signs of wear. Two more nights in the 40s, and then Easy Street.

I have to admit that even I have to do a double take when I pull in the drive and see the conglomeration of metal, cloth and plastic that decorates my tomato crop. But the rest of the garden is doing fine with the cool weather. Tomatoes are sissies.

IMG_4699 IMG_4698

I love this time of year. Few weeds, lots of green, the promise of tomorrow. Two more tomorrows, and I’ll breathe a little easier.


16 thoughts on “still kicking

  1. Hey Dan .. pleased your toms are ‘toughing it up’. Good. Nice to see you are like me and ‘close plant’. Did you ever do sq foot gardening by chance? I did it for a hort school practicum and loved it. Amazing what one can jam into a small area. Love your garden activity … how exciting.

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    • I’m not a student of square foot gardening like you were Julie, but yep, I think that’s basically it. Over the years of reading and gardening I’ve come to understand that whatever’s not covered by vegetable plants, vegetable leaves or paths is using up space and time that’s just wasted. 🙂

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  2. Good luck with your tomatoes. Now is the time when it’s advantageous to have the garden near the house I guess. I put my tomatoes in yesterday and think it got down to50 last night but I think they’ll be ok.

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