wood chips

The tomato plants are weathering this cold snap pretty well. Don’t want to jinx anything yet, so I’ll just hum to myself and pretend I didn’t mention it. I sometimes think hot weather can be more destructive to tomato seedlings than cool. I guess it all depends on the specifics.

So with cool temps, it’s the perfect time to do some sweaty work. One of my favorite things is picking up free wood chips from the local Department of Public Works. Today I got two trailer-loads, $150 worth when purchased from the local nursery by the cubic yard. Free, gratis, no charge, just drive in and they’re hauled to the trailer with a bucket loader.

These are chippings that are collected by the streets department from fallen trees and trimmed branches. Granted there are occasional twigs and wrappers mixed in and the size isn’t quite as uniform as bagged, but it’d be crazy not to get them.



8 thoughts on “wood chips

  1. I have like a 10 post series written offline on my computer about wood mulch! Don’t fear the inconsistent sizing and twigs, they are incredibly beneficial for the fungi you want in soils.

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