spring rain

You go with the flow when it comes to weather. Might as well complain a little along the way too, because it makes you feel better.

From teeth-chattering lows to midsummer-type highs, from dry to downpour, May has been an interesting time here in lower Michigan. There’s stuff you can do to alleviate many of the inconsistencies, mulch being number one on that list. And usually everything evens out eventually, the plants start stretching, and life’s good again.

We finally had a nice stretch of rain to even out the strings of dry, mid-80s days that filled up the end of the month. The seedlings all seemed to get a sudden jolt of happy. Me too.

Thinning carrots isn’t my favorite thing to do, but it’s necessary, and they’ll thank me later. The thing is that if you’re a little over-zealous as you plant the seeds, you get a forest. And you need to pick out one tree and slaughter the rest. Heartless, cruel work.


The garlic seems to love the shredded leaf mulch that was laid down when they were planted last October. And the compost. And the coffee grounds…


The greens (and reds) are extremely happy after their shower. Me, not that much, because tonight there was a big fat rabbit lippety-lippetying next to them when I stepped outside. And a little later I caught her in a secret rendezvous by the burn pile with a handsome stranger.


And the snow peas and raspberries are just doing their things, making the next generation to be ripped apart in their prime by savage human teeth…




7 thoughts on “spring rain

  1. After hearing how the rest of the country is being torn apart by tornadoes, I hardly have the heart to mention weather. if I talk about it being hot, my relatives in California get mad. If I talk about pleasant weather, anyone flooded will get mad. Let’s just say I’m satisfied with the current Northwest weather.

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