back in the saddle

Again I’m reminded how scarily dependent we are on things that are basically smoke and mirrors. The death of a hard drive can do that. But the ingenuity of mankind also allows us to make provisions for such things, and the smoke and mirrors of Internet life can be revived without a lot of pain.

Yeah, my hard drive bit it. A few days later, thanks to backups and a new drive, no worse for wear. Just a little more cautious.

On to the real world, the garden. Isn’t it strange how, immediately after months of crazy-hard work and sweat, it all suddenly stops when the plants are in and the mulch is down? There are little chores, to be sure, but the weeds are meek, the soil’s amended and the plans are reality.

One plan that I think is a keeper is rotating my three compost bins through the garden. It’s a great concept. It makes so much sense to me that next year I plan to reorganize the garden with uniform 3′ beds, matching the width of the bins.

You can’t tell from the pictures, but these lettuce seedlings were identical when planted. Now the ones planted in last year’s compost area are three times the size of those planted elsewhere in the garden…


compost area heads


smaller heads

It looks like the tomato seedlings that I put out extra early aren’t going to stick it to me for torturing them with many cold nights. They’ve started to blossom…


And a big moment today. I switched from a normal chicken waterer to the heated nipple waterer that I made. There were some worries. No offense chickies, but sometimes you’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer. I stalked the girls (wow, probably could use a better phrase) through the window and saw them drinking.  Not so dumb after all!  Then they went outside and looked accusingly at me.



4 thoughts on “back in the saddle

  1. That was the reason for saving your own seeds from your own plants, the seeds would contain the needed information about your personal soil and would do better than any ‘foreign’ seeds you plant. We are taking the seeds from our own trees and planting more with them. I know it will take longer than buying bigger trees but our seeds contain our soil information and the trees will grow stronger and quicker than anything we buy. Everything is looking great Dan!!

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