lettuce retentive

It’s a little funny how anal-retentive I get about lettuce from the garden. I’d rather eat spinach in general, but taking out heads of lettuce is more painful for me than harvesting spinach. That empty spot, I suppose. I know I could grow leaf lettuce (and I do). It’s just harder to totally remove a plant from the garden.
There comes a point when I realize that we’ll never be able to eat all that lettuce if I don’t start pulling. 


That’s what I did yesterday. One of the big heads of Cos that grew in last year’s compost area, a couple of small Bibb heads and some red leaf lettuce.  
Ahh. It’s not winter.


7 thoughts on “lettuce retentive

  1. No problem here. I’m harvesting leaf lettuce and thinning out the few kinds of head lettuce I have so they can get bigger. But they’re all in a race against the squash and cucumbers I put in next to them last week. Empty space won’t be empty long if they can even keep from being over-run.

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