just cos

I’ve been noticing that I generally do a lot more work and obsessing about the garden in the frozen months than I do in the hot ones.  Once the garden’s in and mulched, granted there are chores; weeding, watering, weekly doses of worm tea.  But those things are matters of minutes.  In the winter I can spend hours and days just thinking about one small aspect of the garden.  In the summer, it’s more look and enjoy.

My lettuce eyes are always bigger than my lettuce stomach.  I usually plant way more than we could possibly eat.  Today I harvested one of the Cos heads and some oak leaf.  Luckily we’re going visiting tonight, so this will be be the door gift instead of a bottle of wine.

And it always makes me happy to find my little friend sunning himself, keeping watch over the future browns in my center compost bin…


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