broccoli time

Broccoli (much like beans) is one of those veggies that just keeps on giving and giving and giving.  Even to the point where I start thinking ‘enough already’.  The main heads are exciting, but by the end of summer, weekly freezing has gotten old.  It’s worth it of course in January.


My wife is a wonderful cook and keeps me well-fed. Also I’m anal.  So I figure the least I can do is take care of the produce harvesting and storage.  I thought I’d share how simple it is to keep up with the broccoli harvest.  I’ve been doing it so long that I’m not sure whether what I do is strictly Kosher in today’s sort of paranoid food world.  I haven’t looked up directions because it’s in my head.  The end product tastes good and I’m still here.  It isn’t rocket science.

I first soak the heads in a brine for an hour or so (add some salt to some water…proportion it exactly like that for best results).  My Mom always did that to surprise any green worms that might surprise us later if she didn’t).  Then I rinse and cut up the heads into bite-sized pieces.  I guess how many 2-people serving sized bags I’ll need and label them ahead of time.  Wet hands and markers are the pits.


Then I either steam them in a colander (faster boil time) or submerse the broccoli in boiling water, no more than a pound at a time, for 3 minutes.  After that I plunge the colander into ice water until the broccoli feels cool.  I use that same water to burp the bags of air.



After that I gently flatten out the broccoli within the bags so that it’s all on one level (better for stacking and uniform freezing). And finally it’s into the freezer in a single layer until they’re frozen solid.


Then I clean up.  Honest.


14 thoughts on “broccoli time

  1. I use the brine trick to get the caterpillars out too – it is amazing how well they hide! Few things spoil a dish of broccoli more than extra meat! Good tip about squashing the bags and freezing them flat – i always forget that and just throw the bags in and end up with a horrible 3D jigsaw 😦

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    • Haha, extra green meat isn’t that appetizing. I do like the flattened bags of frozen veggies. I need to be more ruthless about labeling the bigger bags that we keep them in though. It gets difficult to tell what’s what when most of it is green.

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  2. I got my broccoli in so late it’s still tiny and it’s almost time to start the seeds for the fall planting! I’ll try your freezing method if and when we start getting what could be considered an excess.

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  3. Worms and caterpillars in the broccoli aren’t great. Will try your method of getting rid of them next time I grow some 🙂

    Frozen veg later in the year is so welcome!


    • That’s this year’s. For whatever reason, the white butterflies that lay eggs for the green cabbage loopers haven’t been out in force yet, so for that I’m grateful. 🙂

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