kohlrabi time

I’m a pretty big fan of cole crops.  Probably the easiest to grow is kohlrabi.  It looks like a mint-green above-ground turnip, and has a milder flavor than broccoli.

I planted out seedlings on May 8th and they were ready for harvest yesterday, less than five weeks later.  Quick turn-around, and I like that. They’re usually picked when they’re 2-4″ in size. Any bigger and they’ll be tough. You can however pick them earlier and smaller.
My wife was kind enough to make stuffed kohlrabi with a sour cream sauce. Yuh-um.
The spring crops keep coming. More nice lettuce…
IMG_4798 (1)
And five more meals of broccoli for the freezer.

8 thoughts on “kohlrabi time

  1. Love kohrabi! I shred a bulb with a Granny Smith apple, add something crunchy (pecan, almond, sauteed Ramen noodles) and toss with apple cider vinegar and sugar. My kids (and I) love this slaw. I can’t believe I didn’t plant any — they’re the best brassica crop for our heat and humidity. Oh well. Next season.

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