the corn holer

Yesterday it was time to plant my third succession crop of sweet corn.  The first planting took a hit when I rolled the dice early and the weather turned cold.  I lost a few plants, but enough made it to have a decent stand.  The second batch was planted two weeks ago and is doing fine.

So far the protective netting gizmo I made from PVC and bird netting has kept the young plants safe from freeloading varmints.  Once the corn reaches 5 or 6″ I can move the contraption to the next new planting for a few weeks.
A couple of years back I made myself another gizmo, this one from boards and a dowel cut into short lengths.  The dowels are spaced every 6″ along a section of 1″x4″.  I use it to help in spacing and planting larger seeds like corn and beans. And I’ve been pre-sprouting all of these larger seeds, which greatly improves the germination rate.
I till and rake the area smooth, mark a straight line with a string, and then stick the dowel board on the soil. The dowels make 2″ deep indents for the seeds. In the case of corn, I plant in every third hole leaving an 18″ spacing.  In the case of beans, I go along the string twice, filling in the empty spaces and ending up with holes every three inches.
Pretty nifty, I think.

16 thoughts on “the corn holer

  1. Dan, I’m in love with both of your contraptions! Such great ideas. Are you on Pinterest per chance? Because this post would be perfect for that. Those Pinners live for gadgets like these.

    Does corn take up more water than most crops? I’ve been avoiding it due to the crop as anytime I’ve grown it before it was so damn thirsty. What are your thoughts?

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    • I do have a Pinterest account James. But I use it to borrow other folks’ brilliant ideas.

      As far as corn and water needs, they require a little water attention when they’re young, like most seedlings, but I haven’t noticed them to be extra water-greedy once they’re established. I think you should give it a shot, if only to find out!

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    • Oh, I mis-read your comment. I guess you’ve already tried corn. Well for me water isn’t usually a huge issue, so I probably just didn’t notice. Did you mulch your corn? That might ease the water burden somewhat.

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  2. Hey Dan .. oh I like that ‘gizmo’. You are so organised. I am so envious! Not like me at all. Just read your About and was yakking with my hubby. Where are you in Southeast Michigan? And you need to update your About – you have chooks now! 😀 LOL

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