holey moley

It’s always good to learn. I think I learned something about onions started from seed indoors.

I’ve always planted my onions from purchased sets, which seemed indestructible. No matter when I planted them, they always pulled through.

This year for the first time I tried onions from seed planted indoors in January and February. I set the seedlings out on April 19th. A cold snap hit, with lows near freezing shortly afterwards.

I covered some of the seedlings with a hoop tunnel, and those survived ok. The uncovered plants struggled. I eventually replaced the struggling plants with seedlings I’d kept from the original batch, which had been sitting in their pots. This was almost a month later.

It looks now like the seedlings that were left in the pots a month longer are leaving the early-planted seedlings in the dust. Maybe you can tell from the picture. The onions in the rear are the later-planted…


A couple of days ago I put in a few rows of sweet corn seed. Today I noticed that someone has been exploring under my corn rows. I don’t have many qualms about skewering pilferers. Heads up, Mr. Mole.


It’s not all trouble though. The taters and beans are finally blooming and they seem happy. And I plucked off the fall-planted garlic scapes, meaning that they’re coming down the home stretch. Won’t be long.


7 thoughts on “holey moley

  1. I like to push my planting dates but some plants are slow to catch up if at all if the ground was too cold or we get a cold spell. I quit onions from seed because of the space they took but now that I know they don’t need individual cells I may go back. It could be worth it for the greater variety available. Good luck with the the varmint.

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    • I agree. The variety is the main draw. Our greenhouses just offer unnamed onion sets, I assume all the same variety. But the real tale will be told at harvest time. The jury’s still out for me.

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    • Sorry so tardy in replying Julie…I’ve been bumming around. Yes a mole in the garden. Audacious little bugger. No harm done though. He evidently sensed my evil thoughts and went somewhere else 🙂

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    • Sorry for the late reply Melissa. I’ve been away. That silver thing is a mole-murderer. No harm done to either of us though. He evidently had second thoughts 🙂


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