while you were out..

I took a break from taking a break and went with the Missus for a few days to a beautiful area of Ohio, Hocking Hills. It’s pretty flat and frankly a little underwhelming at times in southern Michigan, but a four hour drive and there’s some awe-inspiring stuff.  Hills, hollows, cliffs, brooks…



We stayed at a nifty cabin in the woods with all the amenities, except the Internet.  I couldn’t even connect with my phone; no service.  It reminded me how sadly dependent I am on having news, communication and information at my fingertips.

This doesn’t have much to do with gardens or gardening blogs, except that my garden and my blog were unattended for a few days. No harm done. Barely.

While we were away, the huge willow tree in the front yard lost its entire middle. It missed the garden by inches.  It’s always sad to lose an old tree.  We had swings in it as the kids grew up, and it was a real presence.



But life goes on. We’ll have to have the rest removed, because it had evidently become a home to a whole race of carpenter ants.  Once that’s done, we’ll have the fun of picking a new tree for some other generation to enjoy.

14 thoughts on “while you were out..

  1. Wow, Ohio is beautiful. Thanks for the photos of trees and water. I think this is a nice addition to your blog. I always enjoy your posts. I think I’ll do the same. My husband and I are planning a road trip to eastern Arizona through the Gila Wilderness. Most people don’t know that Arizona has beautiful forests and mountains once you get off the desert floor around Phoenix and Tucson. And the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico is really beautiful as well, and completely off the beaten track of National Parks out west. Oh, well, thanks again for the ‘trip’ to Ohio. I enjoyed it. Have a wonderful summer. Cheers, Barbara Jean.

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    • Well I suppose I could, but after having willows a lot of years, they’re very messy, always breaking and dropping branches. I think I’ll just appreciate the memories 🙂


  2. Sorry to hear about the willow. We have a huge willow in the back yard and I fear it’s dying on us. It’s a beautiful tree and one of the reasons we bought our house. We’ll be sad to see it go and a couple thousand bucks lighter 😬

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  3. You weren’t kidding about inches! We have a rather large limb that will have to be removed from a 100-yr-old bur oak out back (before gravity takes it down). As least the rest of the tree will remain standing. So sad to see yours come down like that. ‘Life goes on.’ So true. Beautiful shots…south Michigan??

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