rain, rain

Rain is a double-edged sword. And I feel the blade getting way to close my sensitive parts. Almost 8″ this month, close to a record for the county, more coming down as I write this.

I’m not the ungrateful sort. Right now it’s making most things very happy in the garden. The tomatoes are green and leafy, the potatoes are tall and proud. The beans and corn and cole crops are robust.

But I can smell it lurking around the corner. Disease. It’s great to be absolved of watering duty, but I have a sense that we’re just a couple of showers shy of virus and fungus problems.

I noticed spots on the cucumber and squash leaves. I can see the anxiety in the cantaloupe plants’ eyes.
IMG_4866 IMG_4867

It looks like anthracnose to me, but that’s just internet doctoring. I’m pretty sure it’s a fungus, so I’m going to try to check it early by conscientiously misting the leaves with Neem oil spray. Once these things get a decent foot in the door, they can rip through the cucurbits like the plague. Especially when it rains like this.

It’s raining,
It’s pouring.
The old man is snoring.


12 thoughts on “rain, rain

  1. I hope nothing serious develops. We’ve been getting frequent rains here, too. Apart from disease, my other concern is that I’ll just plain forget to water if it ever stops. It’s happened before.


    • My sister in St. Louis was complaining about the never-ending rain last week. I kind of said ‘that’s too bad’ and forgot about it until it showed up here. You could be next!


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