I started thinking about this in a roundabout way the other day. My four-year-old granddaughter is honestly and truly interested in my garden. She helped me plant and pick beans, she knows where the corn, carrots and raspberries grow. And she always asks me to pick her up and quietly walk to the middle compost pile, where she knows we’ll see the ‘guard snake’ resting on top of the leaves.

The little things that go unmentioned, unnoticed, are sometimes the most lasting and consequential. I believe that. They can affect generations.

My Dad was a quiet man, reserved, soft-spoken (like father, like son). And I think of all the gifts he gave me, his passion for his vegetable garden is what I prize the most.

He had a giant garden. He never bragged about it, but it was the wonder of all who saw it. He never told me that I should garden, or even coaxed me. Love of gardening just flowed into my bloodstream, injected by his obvious, unstated passion for it.

I know that he got that from his mother. And she probably got it from her parents.

My Grandmother and Dad around 1920

My Grandmother and Dad around 1920

A few years ago, I watched proudly as my daughter got the same injection from me (and her Mom).

My daughter, proud gardener

My daughter, proud gardener

And now, just about a century later, my Grandmother’s great-great granddaughter is soaking in that compost of the soul.

My granddaughter with a red thing from last year's garden

My granddaughter with a red thing from last year’s garden


13 thoughts on “generations

  1. Oh dan what a magic post. I too have inherited my dads green thumb. Gosh he sounds like your dad. He had a superb veg garden and orchard which he loved. That photo of your dad and his mum in the garden is fantastic! And your daughter, how exciting that she loves gardening too! I can just see you with your grand daughter! Wonderful πŸ˜ƒ

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    • Well thanks Julie! I think the fact that our gardening genes were inherited makes it a little easier (but not always successful :). We know what can be done so we don’t give up as soon.

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  2. Reblogged this on This Got My Attention and commented:
    A good one from Dan. I got my gardening interest from mom and dad. We always had a huge garden and about a half acre of potatoes and a half acre of sweet corn. There was a lot of work for us boys in the Summer. But, we were never short of food in the freezer and the cellar.


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