the garden of good and not so good

The sogging of the ground this last week inevitably has to have repercussions. Plants can’t sit in soaked ground for too long before showing side effects, and only Mother Nature can fix that.

One of my poor grapevines shows signs of sadness. The leaves are an unhealthy green with some brown areas. These are the same two year old vines that got whapped by the -20° temperatures last winter and only managed to resprout from their bases.

A couple of cabbage plants have wilted, something I’ve never experienced before. And the cucumber plants are on the edge of iffy. All of these plants are close to each other in an end of the garden that’s a bit lower than the rest, where it’s wetter.
But there are happy things out there too. I’m pleasantly surprised that the snow peas are still producing. Enough that I can stick a few into the freezer for a winter meal.
And it’s not surprising, but still happy, that the green beans are coming on.  I believe that slender, fresh-cooked green beans are my third favorite garden vegetable after tomatoes and sweet corn.  All things that absolutely can’t be replaced by their grocery store-bought counterparts.

12 thoughts on “the garden of good and not so good

  1. I’m having this same problem with a few young squash plants. They are getting soaked! Thankfully we had a couple days of dry and they seem to be doing better. Their area catches all the rain that washes down a nearby hill…

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  2. We have also had very much rain. Three of my flowering broccoli plants have succumbed to the same, first I thought it was caterpillars but could see no evidence. But all is very wet in the garden, and little sunshine to dry it out!


  3. Lots of rain where I am too — coupled with unusually cool temperatures, it feels like some growth has almost stopped. I had a flood area the other day but fortunately most of the plants were on hills — and I used some mulch (a manure straw combo called “nincompoop” ) to soak up the ponds. Thanks for sharing both your ‘woes’ and victories.

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