the math

It brought mortality to mind when the old willow tree in the front had to come down.  It had been there since we bought the house more than 30 years ago, and even then it was a full grown tree.  I don’t know how old it was, and I’m kicking myself for not counting the rings before they carted the trunk away.

It was part of the identity of the home; ‘Just look for the farmhouse with the willow’.  The kids loved hiding in its low-hanging branches, swinging from them, telling girl stories that I would never hear with their friends, sitting in the slatted swing seat that hung from a low arm of the tree.

It had to come down.  It was dangerous.  ‘But we’ll replant,’ I said.  And then I realized how mortality works.  There won’t be another huge tree there in my lifetime.  The math doesn’t work.

So there it is.  Unflinching truth, unchangeable reality.  Not in my lifetime.





...and lots of memories

…and lots of memories

5 thoughts on “the math

  1. How about composting some of it and using tilling it into the garden for next year? Does wood compost well? We have an huge willow in the backyard. It’s beautiful but when you look closely it’s not in good shape. I’m fearing it’s going to need some similar attention one of these days. 😦


    • Hopefully your willow will go on a while. And yep, that’s what I was just doing…the tree service left the chips from grinding out the stump, and I’m setting them aside for either mulch or (if I’m lazy) compost.

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      • I saw a news blurb this morning about a guy in England, 105 years old, just passed on. You have plenty of time to see another big tree if you eat all of those organic veggies you’re growing and then take a good stroll after the feast!

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