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The other day I noticed some leaf nastiness on one of my wax bean plants.  I spent some time in Google images, but couldn’t definitively identify the culprit.  There were lots of possibilities.


I decided to try out an app that purported to identify plant diseases with personal attention, based on an uploaded photo.  The app is called ‘Garden Compass‘.

I snapped a picture, added a brief explanation and sent.  The next day I had an answer:

IMG_4917 (1)

Pretty nifty.  The catch is that you get 3 free credits.  I’m assuming you’d have to pay for more.  I got 3 additional credits by making my wife download the app 🙂

Another sort of catch…they didn’t suggest a remedy.  But since they identified the disease, I was able to search for organic remedies online.  It looks like the only way around bacterial leaf spot is getting decent weather or using copper spray.  I’m not convinced that copper spray is something I want to do.  It’s not heartily recommended as an organic method.

Since I only noticed the problem on one or two leaves, I guess I’ll live by the creed “First, do no harm”.

Anyway, the Garden Compass app is free and gives specific personal service for a few instances, so it might be worth your while


10 thoughts on “garden app

  1. That’s a pretty neat app! My feeling about organic gardening is I will try EVERY organic method possible before resorting to other methods. But if my choice is no crop at all or a crop that I had to use bigger guns on, I’d rather have something to show for my efforts. 😊

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  2. Lots of fungal types going around! We just got a copper spray to use on fireblight…, cool, rain, wind….weird weather, weird pests!!! Lots of luck to you, Dan.


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