back to business

Camping is awesome. Even now that they’re grown with families of their own, our kids still insist on it. No wifi, no TV, no electricity, just smelly toilets and foldable chairs and laughing around a fire.

The return to civilization isn’t quite so awesome. A week’s-worth of clean up and catch up.

Luckily, the garden is pretty much on auto pilot at this time of year. The raspberries were happy…

And so were the Japanese beetles. I wasn’t around to monitor their flagrant sex-eat-sex orgies every day, so they were a little more satisfied than I’d prefer. But nothing a few minutes of pleasant squishing couldn’t heal.

The cauliflower took off too. When we left for camping a week ago, I hadn’t anticipated their growth, and so only one of the heads had its leaves tied up to keep out the sun. You can see the difference it makes…

The head in front had its leaves tied up, the other three didn’t.  It’s no big deal, strictly cosmetic, but I like to look at my food too.

9 thoughts on “back to business

  1. There’s a big bowl of those red things on my table, too, for breakfast over the next couple of weeks. Mmm, mm good! Broccoli, lots of that, the cauliflower isn’t worth a darn. The plants look weird and the tomatoes are setting on like ‘squitters at a picnic. How you had a day over 90 yet? Yet, not one. Maybe the end of the week they say.

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