philosophy and sex in the garden

Part of the satisfaction of blogging about vegetable gardening is swapping ideas, hearing about what works for someone else, and telling about what works for you.

But I think what draws me particularly is that people who follow a blog are genuinely interested in the subject. That’s not something that always happens with neighbors, friends and relatives.

Of course my family enjoys the fruits of the garden, but they’re not necessarily interested in how those fruits (or vegetables) come about.  Fellow bloggers usually are.  That’s kind of cool.

Enough philosophizing. Now sex.

IMG_4967 IMG_4966

Japanese beetles make me laugh a little when I see them going for the gusto. They try to fit all of life’s pleasures into a two-inch square patch of leaf.

I do enjoy squishing them in the act between my bare fingers. But I suddenly realized that I’ve been wasteful. Instead of chucking the shiny carcasses onto the ground, why not save them for my chickies?  Everybody wins except the beetles.  Pure karmic justice.

And finally, just because it’s a vegetable garden blog, a snapshot of some adorable beans for people that I know will appreciate the thought.


13 thoughts on “philosophy and sex in the garden

  1. Those are raspberry leaves. The beetles love them, but if I’m vigilant and check daily, they aren’t able to do too much damage. Do you see Japanese beetles around your beans, because they love bean leaves too.


  2. Dan, I am going to have to unfollow your blog. I didn’t realize you were going to posting such explicit pictures, 🙂 They’ve been after my raspberries as well. I need to have the kids catch them and give them to the chickens, great idea!

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  3. These buggers have destroyed my grapes! I keep a bucket of water around, shake the beetles into the bucket where they drown, then feed em to chickens!


  4. Damn those beans looks good! I’m with you on the blogging and sharing. Love it. And it seems we both enjoying squishing bugs while reproducing. I’m particularly adept at doing similar to green shield bugs. Time permitting they also can be enjoyed as a snack by my chooks 😀

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