the wet soil aftermath

The soggy June that just went past is rearing its ugly head.  I’ve pretty much written off one of my grapevines that sits in the very epicenter of a low corner in the garden.  Bad planning, I suppose, to include an area that I knew would suffer in very wet years…


Luckily, this type of wet happens very rarely.  The grapevine next door to it is doing well.  And in reality, I probably only want one vine growing in the amount of space available on the trellis.


I had high hopes for the pepper plants too.  They were planted in the area where last year’s compost bins sat.  Unfortunately, this was that same wet corner of the garden.  The peppers are dropping leaves and have me a little worried.

IMG_4980 IMG_4979And the pickling cucumbers are still reeling from the wet, also sitting in the low corner of the garden.


There will be disappointments every year; I accepted that long ago.  It’s still hard to take.  Happily for me, the rest of the garden is something I’m proud of, plenty of produce to freeze and can for the winter.


8 thoughts on “the wet soil aftermath

  1. I’m with you, I’m not even posting pics because everything seems to be yellow and stunted in growth. My kale is doing very well but a lot of others are not.
    I’m also having a huge problem with mosquitoes, I can’t even get to the garden without applying a ton of something to keep them away. I was using peppermint oil but that only works so long. I can’t even step out my back door without being attacked.

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  2. Might have to look at ways to landscape a bit and raise that level. Maybe a raised bed, or dig a swale for water to flow into, give it somewhere else to go. You could even plant reeds or something and pretend it’s a pond.

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