back to the soil

When I think back to the amount of shredded leaves I collected last fall, my mind boggles at how little evidence is left.


I stored shredded leaves in 12 of my 2 1/2′ diameter tomato cages (about 3′ high in each), filled a 3’x3′ compost bin, another 4’x4′ bin, and layered shredded leaves in sections of the garden.  Logic aside, they’ve pretty much returned to the soil except in a few places where I refreshed them with stored leaves in the spring.

The theory that you really can’t collect too many leaves still holds.

The buckwheat that I planted a couple of days ago as green manure is popping through.  Replacing the organic matter and nutrients taken out of the garden isn’t a one-time deal.  Those veggies above and below ground create massive quantities of leaf material, and it all needs to be replaced.


8 thoughts on “back to the soil

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    • That’s what I do Helen. Generally I just take the push mower and cut it down after 3 or 4 weeks of growth and incorporate it into the soil. Since buckwheat grows so fast, in some cases there’s time to start a fall cover crop after the buckwheat comes down.

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