on the right path

Kind of hard to believe, but it’s already time to start thinking about next year’s garden, at least for me. The main reason for that is a complete reorganization of my bed locations.

The plan is to make beds that are uniformly 3′ wide. Until now, I’ve been winging it from year to year with beds of different width, depending on what I was planting.

The idea worked ok, but I think that uniform bed width will be beneficial in a couple of ways; cloches and bed protectors will fit on any crop, anywhere in the garden, and the paths and beds will be permanent. No more walking on next year’s beds, compacting the soil.

I temporarily marked the future beds with small stakes, so I can tell where to plant cover crops and where to plan for paths.

next year's beds marked out

next year’s beds marked out

The first major cleanup commenced. I decided we had enough broccoli in the freezer, so even though the plants were still bearing site shoots, I pulled them and let the chickens have at it. I’ll be sowing buckwheat in the empty space, to be cut down as green manure in a month or so, and then followed by a winter cover crop mix.


broccoli on its way to the chickens


16 thoughts on “on the right path

    • That’s encouraging! My hesitation till now was based on wanting a large block of space for sweet corn that had to be rotated every year. But I recently realized that 3′ beds would get me just as much corn space, and would be much easier to fit into the rotation scheme.

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  1. I should consider myself lucky that I never have to consider ‘covering’ or otherwise protecting plants from cold or freezes. Looking great, Dan! Did you know you can eat broccoli leaves? The tender ones are great in fresh salads, and the tougher ones can be steamed like collards.

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    • Well I probably don’t HAVE to protect them; I could just be patient and plant later. But I’m not. Plus it gets us a little longer growing season. I’ve never tried broccoli leaves. Right now I feel a little OD’d on broccoli, so that’s going to wait πŸ™‚


      • Getting a jump-start on a season is NEVER impatience! It’s the smart thing to do. I’m fortunate to live in a zone where we have a 12-month growing period, but if I sowed tomatoes rather than planting foot-tall plants, I’d lose out on a lot of maters. Those two cherries and two romas have more than repaid the $12 expense back in March.

        As for brassicas, I don’t think I could ever OD on them. We eat some variety every other day; garden kale steamed with sauteed mushroom and eggplant is what I’m having with breakfast. DREAMY.


      • What a cool thing to have 12 months of growing! I think my mind would go numb from the possibilities :). Broccoli used to be my favorite brassica, but it’s changed to cauliflower now. And once it was kohlrabi. Wait, no cabbage.

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