the first

It sort of surprised me how pumped I was to find our first egg. We raised chickens some twenty years ago, so it’s not like I’ve never experienced it.

But when I noticed a hen laying on the floor quietly with her buddies looking at her like she was a leper, there was a definite surge of anticipation in my simple little world.

Checked an hour later and there it was. Not huge, but decent for a first egg. I immediately Snapchatted a picture to the whole family. What a geek.


The freaky thing was that I had just filled their feeder with layer feed for the first time. Not long ago I remember reading a post on a chicken forum by someone who had the same thing happen to them. I suspect coincidence, but still a good story.

It doesn’t bother me that she laid the egg on the floor in the corner instead of the nesting box that I crafted with my own hands. They’ll catch on. And if they don’t, the corner is actually more convenient to reach.

The only drawback is that I was originally planning on having three hens. Six was the minimum number I could buy. Six eggs a day for two people might be a little overkill. But I guess they’ll be handy for winning brownie points with friends and neighbors.

17 thoughts on “the first

  1. The firsts are always worth sharing! But…

    As an animal lover, I see beyond the egg. Those six cutie pies have definitely hit the jackpot of care with you, Dan, but there are others who didn’t make the cut. Sad reality to yard eggs: roosters don’t make them.

    Risking being the outsider here, I think of all the peepy little heroes who met an untimely and — indisputable — cruel end.

    Savor that egg!!


    • Good point Shannon. I had meat chickens years ago, and butchering them didn’t bother me. But I’m really not looking forward to a few years down the road when I’ll have to make the same decision about these girls. Getting soft I guess.


      • They probably think they have a pretty awesome life with you there. They could just live it out, periods or no. There are plenty of delicious veggie alternatives to eat, I’m sure you’ll agree. 😉


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