chicken tractor (tiller) part deuce

The project continues. An old blue plastic pitcher that had been gathering dust for years got a makeover (I knew I was saving that for a good reason, just not exactly which one).

I drilled small holes in the spout and handle, snipped up a clothes hanger for suspension, and installed a leftover poultry nipple. Classy blue chicken waterer.


Then I dusted off a tiny plastic tarp that I’d bought on sale a while ago (2 for $5), grabbed a few more zip ties, and had instant cover. Also matching classy blue.


Time for a test drive. The girls were a little freaked for a bit, what with a suddenly expanding universe.


But soon, in they went. Success! They even enjoyed the classy blue waterer within a few minutes.


There’s still one concern. The tractor is nice and light, pretty easy to drag. But the chickens are a little flighty and they bunch up as far away from me as they can get, which means at the end being dragged. I think that could spell injured legs for the girls if a foot gets caught under the frame.

I have a set of wheels from and old cart (of course), but retrofitting a PVC frame will be challenging. I’ll have to find an axle the right size and figure out a way to attach it. But one step at a time.

They seemed to love it once the tractor stopped moving. I let them scavenge for a couple of hours and then moved them back into their pen without a hitch.

Now on to the next challenge…wheels.


5 thoughts on “chicken tractor (tiller) part deuce

    • Thanks for the voice of experience in these matters! That’s one thing I really like about these blogs; you have an idea who’s behind the comments. And I know youve done it 🙂

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      • Also, I love the improvised waterer. How do you like the horizontal nipples? I’m thinking about changing over to them as it seems like being able to set the water container on a block might be more convenient than having to hang them.

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      • I think the horizontal nipples are great. My main reason for using them is that they’re not supposed to be as prone to freezing as the vertical ones. I’m sure that will get a good test in a few months.


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