pass the word: we’re bustin’ out

I’ve been really pleased with the PVC chicken tractor that I recently knocked together. I thought the same was true of the girls. Until they rudely decided to blow this pop stand…


Actually, it was user error. I parked one wheel on a tallish dirt mound, and that created enough extra space underneath the tractor for four criminals to make their break. Two respectable girls stayed inside where they belonged.


It was a great learning experience for all of us. The chickens didn’t disappear or run out to the road. They just sort of followed me around looking really self-satisfied and investigating the wide world as I wheeled the tractor and the two good girls back toward the pen. I let them enjoy their freedom for a while, until they started heading down the woods path with dusk moving in.


I called the Missus and she helped me gently steer them toward their open pen, and in they went.

I did like seeing them wandering free in the yard, but that won’t happen permanently. There are just too many bad things in the woods. It was fun while it lasted.

13 thoughts on “pass the word: we’re bustin’ out

  1. Chickens are fun to watch, we had one that was past her prime so I just let her wander around our property. She never went near the road and when we were outside she always stayed near us.


  2. It is funny but they tend to know when it is time for bed and are not a problem getting them back where they belong – though there is always one! And they don’t seem to understand that they cant get through the netting when it is between them and the others! I bet they had a good time exploring though.

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