All six of our hens are now laying. And it suddenly sunk in how many eggs we’d have to use or give away. In a fit of impulse I posted an add on Craigslist for three Isa Brown laying hens.

And just that quickly I took it down. Yeah, six chickens are a little overkill, egg-wise. But fresh eggs are only a part of what the girls provide. I’d be giving up half my manure supply, half of my work-free tilling, half of the chickens’ own winter warmth, and half of the entertainment.

After the decision was made (or re-made), it was time for some fun. Out to the garden.


My supply of wax beans is taking over the remaining freezer space, so the next stop was the bean bed. A treat for the girls, a treat for me.




who could not love a face like that?

I don’t regret the decision to keep them all. I DO have to quickly come up with egg cartons.


18 thoughts on “chickindecision

  1. Just let people know that you are looking for egg cartons and you will end up with a stack longer than your arm in no time. Make good with neighbors by giving extras to them and let them know you would like the carton back when they are done and they will bring back every carton they have. Good decision to keep them.

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  2. We started with six chickens too. And while I agree 3 or 4 would probably have been adequate, I wouldn’t give up any one of them! My mother in law helps keep the eggs in check (she likes to have a couple for breakfast everyday) and we’ve even begin feeding our 13 dog a poached egg now and then to help with his health. Once in a while we do find ourselves with quite a few extras – thats when we “gift” them to a few friends and coworkers who have been kind to us in the past. If that doesn’t do it – I like the suggestion of posting them on craigslist! One last tip – I use the large sized strawberry/ blueberry containers in a pinch to hold/ deliver eggs.

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    • Thanks for saying so! I do like it an awful lot. Just need to remember not to lift it too high, because they’re always ready to make a break for it.


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