now the good news

After yesterday’s waaahh-fest about pitiful me and the downy mildew slaughter of cucumbers, it seems like a brighter story is in order.

Most gardens turn out to be mixtures of failure, partial successes, and whoopee.

For me the whoopee this year comes from the tomatoes. It’s been work, but so far so good.


The two shorter plants in the center of the picture aren’t actually that short. They’re my favorites: the Cherokee Purples. Before I had noticed what was happening, the plants had sagged a little more each day in their cages due to the weight of the tomatoes and the fact that I’d trimmed away most of their lower vine support.


Cherokee Purple dead weight

I could try to pull them back up, but I’ve done that in the past, and only ended up injuring the vines. They’re doing fine as is.

It’s never wise to assert absolutes in gardening, so I’ll just say that this year, in this garden, I believe that religiously trimming off branches with leaves that show discoloration has worked fabulously to keep diseases in check.

Knock wood.


German Johnsons almost there

And the second planting of sweet corn is in…


Which means time for the freezer…


And visions of happy people around the Thanksgiving table.


6 thoughts on “now the good news

  1. Oh my pat yourself on the back! How good do these toms look and I was only crying in my last comment about how bad mine were! ha ha .. I love your support system Dan, and removing diseased leaves. Purple Cherokee are a fav of mine too! 😀

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  2. I harvested my first (and only) Cherokee Purple just yesterday and ate the whole thing with mayo in a sandwich, as they do down here in the South. I have to say, it was incredible. And as disappointing as the garden has been this year that one tomato really made it all worth while. Your harvest looks amazing! Makes all the thinking and debating of dates and experimenting worth while, don’t you think? I just have many more years of experimenting and thinking to learn the lessons to get any kind of harvest – ha!

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