wazzaaahp doc?

The carrots that started out their lives sprouting under a piece of plywood came of age. Of course there were a few that looked like fat six-legged orange snowmen, but I’m very pleased with the harvest. About 35 lbs. worth; more than we have room to store. The orange snowmen didn’t make the cut, but they’ll go to a friend’s horses.



After pulling the carrot crop, I fired up the chicken tiller in that spot. Awesome.


Making evening rounds, tucking tomato vines into place inside their cages, I felt something soft.


I gave it a fighting chance in the chicken pen. It lost.


16 thoughts on “wazzaaahp doc?

  1. Our carrots are still small. I think you’re method of starting them works. The parsnips though are really healthy. Have you ever planted a tomatillo? I tried one this year and it’s well over five feet tall and still growing … everything but fruit!

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    • Mike, I’ve never planted parsnips, but I did try tomatillos one year. Didn’t really know what to do with them though. Hopefully they still have time to bear for you.


  2. Love it! No carrot porn? We always had some that looked a bit, ahem, R-rated. Danvers grows well here and they are the sweetest, tastiest carrots I’ve ever put into my mouth. RIP, Little Squishy.

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