compost piles and stuff

Has it really been that long since I’ve posted something?  I guess so.  Time flies when you have nothing to say.

As the garden winds down, done with most of the heavy breathing, the compost piles are getting ready to jump into the act.

I have three modular, movable bins.  They can each be adjusted in height to accommodate what’s going on in the smelly world of waste.  The Spring pile (leaves, grass clippings, coffee grounds, and who knows what else) has long since become nice black compost, full of worms, and home to what my granddaughter calls a ‘guard snake’. IMG_5214 The summer pile, composed mostly of pine shavings, chicken manure, grass clippings and kitchen waste that the chickens didn’t get, is also well on its way.  I’ll be using piles 1 and 2 directly on the garden beds this fall after the crops come out.


The third pile is a work in progress; corn husks, seaweed, dead tadpoles, and who knows.  This will be the base for my winter compost pile of dead leaves, coffee grounds, kitchen scraps and chicken litter.  Come Spring planting time, it should be ready to rumble.


And I’ve started next year’s seed collection with Amish Paste and Black Oil Sunflowers..



11 thoughts on “compost piles and stuff

  1. I given up on making compost. The gardens here are too big and there is always a lot of material and just me to move it all. So I direct apply everything even food scraps which get tossed on a long pile of rotting hay and other plant debris then covered with a little soil or whatever is handy.

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    • Well ‘winding up’ is a relative term. I still have corn, beans, onions tomatoes and potatoes yet to come. I get antsy and take care of the garden in sections.


      • It is interesting to compare our seasons and growing cycles. I am assuming that your greater heat means things grow faster once they start. I think we have less pronounced seasons – I hope you have a milder winter this year.

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      • Oh I agree! How interesting to watch the seasons on opposite sides of the world and everywhere in between. And I think you’re exactly right about the heat.


  2. Great looking compost there. But when I got to the part about saving seeds I whacked myself in the forehead. I processed three boxes of various tomatoes yesterday into salsa and purée. Did I save any seeds? Nope, all straight into the “compost” pile. Fortunately there are more still on the vine.

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