fairy godfather

I’ve butchered pigs and chickens. Chainsawed my way through 30 winters. Worked the soil with tractors and 4 wheelers. Even trapped raccoons and skunks.

But my daughter texted yesterday and said she’s making a fairy garden for my granddaughter’s 4th birthday, and she asked if I could make some fairy furniture. I said ‘Uh…yes?’

I freely admit I’ve never made fairy furniture. I jealously guard masculinity. But it’s my granddaughter.

So there came Google, then Pinterest (please don’t mention this to anyone). And that was plenty of inspiration.

It all went surprisingly quickly, and was surprisingly fun.


A moss bed made from halved firewood rounds, twigs and moss from the woods…


A rocking chair with bark seat and back…


A table…


A lamp made with a small firewood rounds covered with moss, an oak twig and a pine cone (liberally coated with my wife’s glitter)…


And a swing seat…


Hopefully the fairies will feel right at home.

29 thoughts on “fairy godfather

  1. My girls want to adopt you as their Pappaw. That is the most amazing thing you can do for a little girl! Such sweet memories. (Shhh. Mums the word on your up-and-coming Pintrest habit. Dude’s got some skills.)

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  2. You’re a good grandfather. Those are wonderful and you shouldn’t fret about your masculinity at all. But then, this is coming from a guy who works in a place he refers to as “The Rainbow and Unicorn Factory!”

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  3. These are wonderful Dan, thank you for the inspiration. My grandchildren are just discovering fairies and fairy house and things, they are making one in the garden. These little furnitures make lovely pressies for them, or craft projects. Good thinking on your part 🙂

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