underwhelming potatoes and more

It’s not complaining, I swear to you. Just trying to present reality.

Yesterday was potato harvest day. The spuds were meh. Yukon gold stock bought at the local nursery. They were ok, not rotting or anything like that…just small.


I can tell you that I honestly don’t have a clue why. And I’m not going to over-analyze. Time to move on to next year.

I also tried a new variety of sweet corn purported to be the rage in Japan, and rated the best-tasting sweet corn by some long-forgotten internet comparison. Mini Mirai.

It was indeed really good. Sweet, tender, crunchy, with tightly-spaced, even kernels. Unfortunately the ears were small. Mini. Disappointed again. My standby sweet corn, Avalon, is still (in my book) as good as it gets, with a lot more to show for each ear. But I believe there’s a non-mini variety of Mirai, and I’ll give that a shot in next year’s garden. (…it looks bigger in the photo than in real life)


So you take the bad with the good, that little nag in the back of your mind telling you that nature could crush you if she wanted, or make you a king if she’s in a good mood. And sometimes things work out.



9 thoughts on “underwhelming potatoes and more

  1. Oh, go ahead and over analyze! I’m thinking my spuds will be small, too, a combination of drought and my not weeding very much. But I planted about over 300 feet so there will be something for me and the chickens.

    Your tomatoes look great.


  2. Hey Dan … yes indeed nature sure can ruin your day. Or make it! Shame about the spuds – I had a similar thing happen last year. And I have no idea why? Baffles me completely. I’m starting to learn though, don’t expect so much it seems that the garden likes having a year off. Wish the ‘b’ blight would! LOL Love those toms – I think that corn looks really good too btw.

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