yeah, pretty lame excuse

โ€‹Hello good friends, and my apologies for dropping off the face of the earth without a word. My thoughts are simple (as might be evident); I didn’t have anything interesting to say. If it wouldn’t interest me, I can’t expect it to interest someone else.

And then I kinda got sucked into the whole lazy thing.

The garden has wound down. Last night was our first real freeze. Frost on the windshields and brown pepper plants.


I’m waiting for the rest of my free brown materials to fall from the sky. In the meantime, I fashioned a large leaf-collection bin, made from 20-some year old materials that were sitting in the barn waiting for their moment in the sun.


The cold brings out the chainsaw. I use only deadfall trees from the property for firewood, and the scrub trees that die and fall are usually dry enough to use the same year. This year has been a little lean as far as deadwood. There was a nice big oak down, but that has to season till next year. It might just be a year for buying a little wood that some other fool cut up.


I’m coming to the realization that cutting and splitting firewood in quantity is a younger man’s game. Somewhere along the way, I messed up my wrists and thumbs, and handling a chainsaw doesn’t suit me for long periods, nor does crawling around on the roof cleaning the chimney. But I’ll keep picking at it until I have to say uncle.

There’s not much activity in the garden. My fall cover crop mix is doing its job without complaint. After watching the deer happily grazing on last year’s crop, I decided to strategically place tomato cages to nip that kind of thing in the bud. So far so good.

I planted garlic and shallots today in the space occupied by this year’s compost bins. And the lettuce plants that I sowed indoors in August are hitting their stride under a cloche.


It’s good to be back in the saddle. But I reserve the right to be lazy at any time I choose.


13 thoughts on “yeah, pretty lame excuse

  1. We’ve been having below freezing weather for just over a week now. Even plants under frost blankets froze. Ice on the water buckets. Have to accept that winter really is coming.

    I just got back from taking the dog out (she decided 6 AM was a good time to wake me from a sound and warm sleep). Frost everywhere even at the front door. Good view of Venus, Mars and Jupiter in the east. The display has been going on for a while.

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    • Even though I don’t like being woken up early, it IS a wonderful time to be outdoors in the crisp fall air. Sounds like you’ve had some cooler weather than we have!


      • I’ve had to get up early several times the past two weeks (taking a relative to the doctor) but was hoping to sleep in till 7:30 today. I’ve been watching the movement of the three planets on those mornings and it is wonderful. Venus is much brighter than I’ve ever remembered.

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  2. Your beloved peppers look good. The season did seem to fly by. We are eating our very last tomatoes. As regards the wood, some things are definitely worth paying for and this sounds like one of those times when it is so. Besides you’ll be busy enough raking leaves ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. Missed you! But lazy is much more important than blogging. You’ve earned your time off. I too am adopting your cages for collected leaf litter and my daughter gave up on me and planted her own pumpkin plants (I also dropped off of gardening) which are growing well. Can’t wait till it gets cooler so I can get the Brussels sprouts and cabbage and peas going! Careful with that chainsaw and ax (sorry, that’s the mom in me).

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    • Haha, ok Mom. I needed that. One thing I made a note of last year with leaves in cages…put the cages near where you want to use the leaves. Those suckers are heavy when they’re full of soggy, compacted brown stuff, and not pretty to move. It’s pretty cool that you still have some gardening to look forward to. Maybe those hot places aren’t so bad after all ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Great tip about the leaves. Yes, it’s 64 and sunny here. This is our cool season, followed by rain and 40’s (our cold). Hubby misses the cold cold of his Detroit home, hates the humid scorching Gulf Coast summer. I prefer a garden year round!

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  4. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been! I’m being pretty lazy too (on the plot and on the keyboard), so it’s good not to be the only one. I’m working up to a ‘review of the year’, but it feels to big to even begin! …regarding the falling temperature, it feels like you only got your pipes unfrozen a few weeks ago – time flies.

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    • I’m glad to hear I’m not alone ๐Ÿ™‚ A review of the year DOES seem like a huge undertaking. I was thinking of something similar, but then I got interested in a show, haha.

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