My name is Dan and I live in gardening zone 5B in Southeastern Michigan.  I’ve grown organic vegetables and fruits for a few decades, actually since 1976 when I married my beautiful wife and we bought our first home.

In 1982 my wife and I found a small rundown farm and started growing market produce like asparagus and strawberries. We’ve raised chickens, steers, pigs, turkeys, ducks, bees and sheep. Now our livestock consists of two cats who won’t die and some worms.

I’ve never strayed from the principle of organic gardening, but Lord knows I’ve made a bucket- full of idiot mistakes in pursuit of it.

And here I am. Blogging about gardening.

My favorite saying is ‘I read it on the internet’ and my favorite color is brownish-yellow.


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  1. I am doing a project for my own blog about people making the world a better place through various projects and lifestyles. I am emailing you because I think you fit in with my project. If you wouldn’t mind answering 4 questions for me, please email me at nepermhome@gmail.com and I’ll send you the interview. My blog is nepermhome.wordpress.com if you would like to check it out before you respond. Thanks for your time! Sarah


  2. Well, I`m not sure how you found my site, but I figure an organic farmer, and a guy who used to grow red composting worms should have at least one or two things in common, so I hit the follow button, and as soon as I get some of this mail cleared up, I`ll have to get back here and check things out here in more depth. In the meantime, stay safe, and healthy, and I`ll read you later. And thanks for the visit.


  3. I love to tinker around the garden and try new things too. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your projects and seeing how those dehydrated banana peels work in the garden. Happy gardening!

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    • Hi Jackie! It’s flattering of you to ask. I’m pretty much a dork when it comes to extemporary thinking and speaking, so I wouldn’t want to record a podcast. (yours are very interesting btw) But I’d be happy to answer written questions that give me a chance to consider the answers. I know that might not fit your needs, but if it does you can contact me at dwschroeder@icloud.com. Thanks for asking!

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