but first…

You’d think after 38 years worth of organic vegetable gardening, I’d be able to hang up my ‘Dr. Garden’ plaque and smile at the junior peach fuzz apprentice gardeners.

Almost the opposite.

When I semi-retired two years ago I realized that I had been doing a great job of recycling; recycling a lot of my own wrong-headed ideas and practices.

And then I decided that I would start learning. From others, from my own mistakes and successes, from nature.

The first thing that I learned, the thing that a wiser person would have caught on to decades earlier, was that soil comes first. You feed the soil, not the plant. Sounds so basic, but it was enlightenment.

The second thing, a thing I sensed but hadn’t quantified, was that nature won’t tolerate a void. Soil left bare will fill itself with weeds or grass. If you don’t plant it or mulch it, nature has its own party in the breach.

The challenge is to set one’s own party agenda.


3 thoughts on “but first…

  1. Such simple and elegant teachings. As a teacher and a gardener, I’ve long subscribed to the theory that anywhere and from anyone you can learn – so glad to see thats true for other people!


  2. It’s those things that are so easy to say at times that contain within them, the wisdom of the ages. I don’t mind admitting that your little gem there about void spaces is not anything that I’ve ever really considered, yet when I just read it, it was one of those forehead-slapping moments. And I used to practice square-foot gardening, where the whole principle is based on exactly that theory now that your little comment has made me think of it.


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