red glut

The garden looks pretty naked now; just a giant zucchini plant that I really don’t need and some peppers that taunt me with impossibly immature fruits.

But what’s different for me this year is having tomato plants that are still kicking out in mid-September. Something about having a decent tomato crop makes all of the year’s other gardening mistakes recede into irrelevancy.

I really don’t want any more tomatoes. They’re coming out our rears and ears. But it’s so much fun just looking at them in September and hoping that they’re here because of something that I did.


If I were to wish for a glut of anything it would be, in this order: 1. Tomatoes, 2. Sweet corn, and 3. Raspberries.

Two out of three, high fives all around.



22 thoughts on “red glut

    • Thanks Julie! My wife’s been freezing them to use in her morning smoothies, and I’ve made a couple of batches of raspberry leather. The later batches I ran through a fine sieve to get the seeds out. Those suckers can get stuck in just about any tooth 🙂

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  1. Looks good. We can’t really grow corn here but tomatoes and raspberries would be good. I’m currently dusting off my green tomato chutney recipe and wondering what to do with my Cape Gooseberries/Inca Berries/Ground Cherries – seeds worse than raspberries!

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    • I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember the variety that I planted. This spring I pruned out the dead, grayish canes, thinned the remaining canes a bit, and pruned them to around 3 or 4′. In the past I’d always cut everything back to 6″. Not sure if that’s the secret, or if it’s just a good year for raspberries here.

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      • Our raspberries were almost finished by the start of August. We got a ton of them but I’ve never gotten a second fall crop. I usually just cut out the old canes then trim off the new ones so they’re not too long, maybe 5.5 to 6 feet at most.

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      • I honestly think my fall crop was a matter of luck this year. I don’t fully understand all the raspberry pruning principles. But I hope to remedy that this winter 🙂

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