thanks and an update

You did it. Thank you for all of your great comments and suggestions about getting chickens. I guess I didn’t really expect anyone to say ‘Don’t do it’, but still it’s nice to hear encouragement. Baby chicks will be making their way to my little corner of southeastern Michigan.

I keep thinking of stuff that I’d overlooked regarding the coop and run construction, but that will work itself out. I’ll probably shoot to have everything ready for them by early April, so there’s plenty of time to rearrange things a million times.

Again, I do appreciate your knowledge, encouragement and help.
And on another note, here’s what onion seedlings look like at just over a week old…


6 thoughts on “thanks and an update

  1. So glad your getting chickens! We have two girls that We thoroughly enjoy.

    One piece of advice I’d hesitate to offer is to automate as much as you can. So, I have a PVC feeder I built that keeps about a weeks worth of feed, and a waterer that keeps about the same. I also have an automatic chicken door that is on a timer so there are no last minute dashes out the door to close up the coop at night – it is all automatic. We are able to go away for the weekend knowing that the girls are safe, well cared for and happy. Making them automatic makes the caring of them so easy I get to spend more time enjoying them, you know? And I’d also add amazing chook poop as nitrogen sources for your compost pile as another fabulous pro for keeping chickens! Your garden will be glad for the chickens as much as you will be!

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    • That’s perfect advice, I think! I’ve been planning for pretty much what you described…a PVC feeder, a large (heated) nipple waterer and eventually an automatic door. I’m going to convert a beautiful old outhouse into a chicken coop, and have obsessed over every detail of the coop and the run.

      Today I suddenly realized that I might have overlooked one detail that could screw the whole plan…the door to the outhouse opens inwards, and that’s not workable. It’s a tiny structure, and opening the door inwards would be impossible with litter on the floor.

      I think I’ve solved that problem, but it reinforced the concept of planning carefully.

      Any more ideas you have are definitely welcome!


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