waterers and worms and weather

-20° last night.

On to more pleasant things.

Having just finished up modifications on a new heated chicken waterer, I figured last night would provide the perfect atmosphere for seeing what kind of chutzpa it really has.  If the water doesn’t freeze in this, it never will.

So I partially filled it up (a condition which I expect will frequently be the case), ran it out to the poop-coop and plugged it in.  This morning I was actually excited to go outside.

IMG_4301Iced condensation, but the water held!  Success and happiness.

The problem that I hadn’t foreseen was frozen nipples (not mine).  After I tapped them a bit they loosened up, but still no water.  I suspect this is a situation that any poultry nipple user encounters in frigid weather, not just me.  Any tips out there?  It only gets this cold once every few years, so if I can’t come up with anything else I’ll just take off the lid and let them drink directly from the bucket until the nipples defrost.

And yesterday I started a small batch of winter worm tea for the seedlings in the grow room.  It’s the first time I’ve used my new aerator.  Boy is it powerful and boy is it noisy.  I had to tuck the bucket away in an upstairs closet and could still hear it.  But come warm weather it’ll live out in the barn.



7 thoughts on “waterers and worms and weather

  1. Backyard Chicken folk recommend horizontal nipples to avoid your frozen nipple problem. The horizontal ones are spring loaded so water doesn’t actually stay inside the mechanism to freeze up, whereas the vertical nipples always have a small drop inside which freezes in the cold. I have horizontal nipples (did I really just say that??!) in my waterer and haven’t had any freezing problem despite our sub zero temps this week. Originally I had the vertical ones but couldn’t solve the leaking issues I found after a freeze-thaw cycle. No such problems at all with the horizontal ones. Full disclosure: I also have a birdbath deicer in the bucket which has been working beautifully. Just a thought.

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