turning under an old leaf

The smell of Spring soil. Finally.

After an early morning snow, it all melted and I decided to go for it. With our loamy sand, there’s never been a problem tilling early. I’ve had clay too, a long time ago, and that would just turn into brick if I tilled too soon. The soil turned over nice and black and dirty.IMG_4438

So some of the cover crop is turned under and doing its final work of decomposing. It’ll need at least a few weeks of cooking before it’s ready to plant. Sure is nice to see that patch of black again.

The chicken pen got four bags-full of shredded fall leaves (yeah, you really never have enough by summer). Might as well let the chickens shred them more and mix in some fertilizer.


I added a small side door to the coop for navigating the chickens into a yet-to-be-made chicken tractor.


And I was notified that the Black Jack No. 57 rubberized coating that I ordered for painting the coop floor was cancelled because it was out of stock. After I waited two weeks for it. Dorks. I just shrugged and bought some paint. But it won’t be warm enough for painting till next week. Oh well. I’ll twiddle my thumbs and wait.


9 thoughts on “turning under an old leaf

    • It is nice to have good machines sometimes. I wish I would have sprung for a full sized model, but this one does well. The cover crop is a fall blend of rye, vetch, field peas and clover. I think I ordered it from Johnny’s Select Seeds.


    • Haha, I’m sorry! I do feel pretty lucky to have this sandier-type soil. Clay is just plain back breaking. I assume red clay is just as heavy as the clay we had at our first place. I guess on the bright side, it does hold nutrients better.


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