the weird neighbor

There’s probably one near you. Someone who collects cats or who has strange noises coming from his house at night. The one who causes you to elbow your better half and grin at each other.

Last evening I had the alarming thought that I might be that guy. I was busy in the garden. Looked up and noticed my neighbors across the way talking. Good guys. Trays of cookies at Christmas, graduation parties, friendly chat, heck they’ll help out in a second if you need them.

But what must it look like over here in my garden?

Sprinklers mounted six feet high on green metal stakes. Rows of wire and more stakes holding up lifeless picker-bushes.

Plastic tunnels. Three foot wooden bins. Windows lying on the ground. Just lying there. Small enclosures covered with bubble wrap. More than a dozen big wire cages, some half full of leaves. The other day Wayne came over and smiled politely at the chicks in my…outhouse.

And here I am, shuffling leaves from one spot to another.

Oh my God. I AM that guy.


Well. Try to remember what it looks like when you can’t see any metal or wood and everything’s covered in green. And take Wayne a dozen eggs.

26 thoughts on “the weird neighbor

  1. We’re the weird ones too. i used to have neighbour who would come out and polish his car, just to see what we were up to – usually bringing some strangely shaped object back from the garden centre on my bike. Now its just growing vegetables in the front garden. But all the better for that.

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  2. We are totally that neighbor too! I agree, it is wonderful when everything is green and growing and, what might look like an eyesore to some, becomes a beautiful jungle of plants and green.

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  3. We were that neighbor for a while. Especially the year we took all the leaves the neighbors put out by the side of the road to mulch the garden. Now we live across from a guy who has pigs and ducks and a school bus in his front yard. It’s nice to fit in!


    • Haha, I still drive around and pick up bags of grass clippings, but usually it’s far enough away from my house that no one knows who the weirdo is. I think it’d be great to have neighbors like yours πŸ™‚

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