in the garden

It finally FEELS like summer.  Long time, long time.  The mosquitoes are happy, I’m happy.  There’s a friendly garter snake that lives in the compost piles and suns himself on top of the compost.  He’s happy.


The broccoli is happy…


The snow peas are happy…


The newly hilled spuds are happy…


But the pepper that I started really early and pruned, not so much…


I can’t say why it looks like that, but it’s not real encouraging.  Pepper seedlings that I bought at the nursery and pruned are doing fine.  Sending out new growth from the pruned tips and a pleasant green (as opposed to pukish-yellow)…


So it’s wait and see on the early-started peppers.


16 thoughts on “in the garden

  1. Well done 🙂 Summer has arrived here too. I think we will get 4 days of it and there are thunderstorms due Saturday – that will teach the iris to bask in the sun! Your peas are amazing – mine are just inches high. Odd about that pepper pruning experiment. But there is time yet.

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  2. Water your peppers in the morning, not at night. You need to keep the soil temperature up at night, when they are young to get some growth on. : ) You can also put some dark mulch around them during the day, if you think it will help, if it’s not too hot during the day. Cheers, B. J.

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    • I think your night watering idea is a good one BJ. That probably would help keep the soil warmer at night. But that’s not the problem with the pepper in the picture. My other peppers are fine, and they get the same watering schedule. Hopefully it’ll still green up.


  3. You must be very happy with yourself for purchasing the nursery peppers. I am in search of the same with slicing cukes. Old seeds didn’t germinate well, only four plants. Just bought the seeds last year and they were expired at end of 2014. Very frustrating, should’ve looked at date. Ah, well, pretty happy with everything else 😀 And very impressed with your broccoli!

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  4. Glad things are looking mostly happy. My schedule’s kept me from checking for a couple of days. ALL my tomatoes and most of my peppers went pukey green after I set them out. I’m hoping extra hard they get over it. Next year I’m taking extra measures to warm the soil before transplanting!

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    • I hope your plants come around! Don’t give up on them. Those guys do seem to resent transplanting sometimes, but then they can also get surprisingly healthy with the right weather. Good luck!


    • That’s kind of neat that we can both have snow peas at the same time in opposite climates. It’s been pretty hot here, so I can’t tell you why it works when it’s not supposed to. But I’ll take it 🙂

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