late summer garden

My Dad always said ‘Self-brag stinks’. It’s ingrained in my brain. But when it comes to kids, grandkids and gardens, sorry Dad.

My tomatoes make me happy. Well actually they make me happy this year, and not a whole lot of others. Weather is half of the equation or more. But I like to think that dweeby attention to caring for them is part of it. Smile for the camera…

IMG_5149 IMG_5151

They went in late this year, and maybe that’s part of it too. Who knows? I’ll take it.

If you’ve ever doubted that compost works, don’t. My single zucchini was planted where last year’s compost piles sat.

That’s this year’s 3′ by 3′ compost bins sitting next to it.


And finally, before I threw in the towel on my downy mildew-ravaged pickling cucumber vines, they surprised me with enough cukes to make one more batch of pickles.


20 thoughts on “late summer garden

  1. I’m still reserving most of my boasting until after September 1 when the first flour corn should be ready to harvest (if it is dry, of course).

    I had a winter squash on a compost pile (yard debris, grass clippings, old sod chunks, and garden debris) that grew vines 35 feet long and made plenty of squash, too. That gave me the idea of building mounds of old hay and soil for squash cultivation. Works very well.

    How late is late for you to plant tomatoes?

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    • Flour corn! Wow, you’re ambitious. Love to hear how that works out. And I’ve never tried planting tomatoes after the first batch. Something to think about next year 🙂

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      • I plant my tomatoes outdoors right around June 10 because of frost danger. Even then I sometimes get hit with a damaging frost. This year so far, so good.

        Should get a big yield of flour corn. Lots of full ears.

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      • Some years it’s all green tomatoes- bags of them all over the house and trying to ripen them. This year I think most will be ripe or almost ripe before the first frost.

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