a good question

One of the excellent blogs I follow is Hillbillies In Training, hosted by an energetic couple who are embracing the simple, but exhausting life of setting up a homestead. This week they posed a question that most conscientious gardeners have thought about; what’s the best way to set up a garden bed rotation system?

With no particular logic (other than knowing how much of each crop we use each year) I’ve divided my garden into three sections. Each third of the garden is moved to a different location every year. The same group of crops is grown in each section, and I can shuffle within the sections to avoid problems.

This actually harder to explain than it is complicated. Maybe an example:


In one section I grow tomatoes, cole crops and carrots. That grouping, one third of the garden, is moved to a different third of the garden the next year. If there are conflicts, say with potatoes in last year’s tomato third, they can be adjusted within the sections.  Over the years we’ve settled in pretty closely on the amounts of each crop that we use.  That determines how much garden space is allotted for each.

It’s worked well for me. And I’m 100% positive there are way more logical and mathematical systems.

But each garden is as individual as its gardener. Very tough to set universal crop rotation rules when every single gardener grows different quantities of different varieties.

Winter is the time for overthinking. It’s what keeps us going. Come Spring, we’ll look the realities straight in the eyeballs, and hopefully distinguish between what will probably work in the real world and what’s just plain anal-retentive.

I’m sure Shawn at Hillbillies In Training would appreciate your comments and ideas, as would I.

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